52 Ancestors #2: Joseph D. King

Since I started the 52 Ancestors Challenge a week late, I’m publishing two ancestor posts back to back in order to catch up. While I probably won’t be following the weekly themes every time, this one was a bit too easy to pass up. The theme is “King,” which happens to be a surname in my family tree. Joseph King is the only one of my 2nd great grandparents that I haven’t been able to find parents for. Most of his life history has been maddeningly elusive, but I may be about to break through that brick wall. Joseph King is, of course, a very common name. The question right now is whether I can link two individuals and prove that they are in fact the same person. Right now there are circumstantial similarities, but no real evidence. I’m waiting on a record file I ordered to see if it can help me solve this problem of identity. Continue reading 52 Ancestors #2: Joseph D. King