Three generations ago, my ancestors were living in Ohio, Indiana, Lousiana, South Carolina, and Alabama. Before that, they were in places like Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Canada, England, Germany, and France. Somehow, we ended up here.

I’ve been researching and updating my family tree as an occasional hobby for close to a decade. This is a place for me to talk about some of the discoveries I’ve made and some of the mysteries I’m still working on. I hope to make connections in the online genealogy community, to have a place to share the exciting and frustrating moments of research, and to document the narrative side of my work.

Surnames in my research include Beasley/Beazley, Bellanger/Belanger, Boudreaux, Bussey, Cole, Feith, Held, Jennings, King, Laperouse/Lapeyrouse, Larose, Rein/Rhein, Sawdon, Taylor, Walton, and Wehre/Wehri.

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