Paul Held’s baptismal record

I started this blog with good intentions of posting regularly. I even started off on the 52 Ancestors challenge as if posting once a week wasn’t wildly optimistic! But here I am in an effort not to abandon the thing entirely, and to share my newest find.

I recently learned about, a German website that just went online a couple of months ago with scans of German church records. The interface is all in German, the individual volumes aren’t indexed, and it’s a pay site. But it’s also the first real chance I’ve had to find my German immigrant relatives before they arrived in Cincinnati in the 19th century.

You have to know where to look to have much of a chance of finding anything – it’s not like Ancestry where you can put in the info you know and run a search, and then sift through the results. But I knew the town and date where my 2nd great grandfather Paul Held was born, and had the baptismal records for that time and place.

I found it – Paul Held’s baptismal record. There’s a whole paragraph here with information to discover once this has been transcribed and translated. Can’t wait to see what’s there!